Connecting the Industry’s Needs with the Right Resources

CPA members receive discounted registration to attend our Annual Event each year. Our Annual Event provides attendees with deep insight into how relationships, regulatory compliance, technology marketing, and education can all come together to positively impact your bottom line.  Learn More

CPA members who decide to sponsor a trade show or event that the CPA attends have the option to attend the event along with the CPA in order to be face-to-face with their potential customers as well as being alongside fellow industry professionals and peers (travel and lodging costs not covered by the CPA unless specified prior to the event)! CPA Members who attend trade shows and events separate from the CPA are given a CPA Member sign for display during the show or event.

*A benefit reserved for our Associate members.  Associate members are given the opportunity to have a tabletop exhibit during our Annual Event in order to get directly in front of their customers and promote how they can be of benefit to CoPacks and CoMans in the industry.  Learn More about our Annual Event