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Labor Efficiency Consulting

Landry Consulting offers a free hour of consultation for CPA members to determine if there is an opportunity for efficiency improvement and compliance peace of mind.

Ask yourself this question:
Are you getting what you are paying for and are you happy with the results??

Finding, hiring, training, and relying on your labor management programs have never been so critical. Do you have the right tools and personnel in place. Are you connected with the right partner? Most importantly, does this area of your business dominate your workday? Let’s look together and better understand who this aspect of your business can be improved.

Landry Consulting LLC was created to assist companies that rely on labor efficiency to maximize bottom-line. Most facets of the Supply Chain are dependent on labor and it’s that labor that generates profitability, customer loyalty and growth. Our goal is to ensure our clients are experiencing that efficiency.

In addition to evaluating labor strategy, we review third party compliance. This includes all aspects of government compliance from immigration, OSHA, Wage and Hour and Workers Comp. With the rise in virtual staffing there is a risk of unknown exposure to multiple compliance issues that could lead to devastating fines and penalties.

How do I use this benefit?
Services: That can be deployed

• Current labor program review

 ○ Identify actual labor cost per unit

 ○ Identify opportunities to improve

 ○ Identify available profit gains

• Design plan to realize those dollars

•RFP design, RFP review

• Compliance review

 ○ Immigration

 ○ Workers Comp

 ○ Labor law

 ○ Independent contractor

 ○ Contracts

Who is Tom Landry?

• Staffing Industry since 1986

• 100% of the time in the Lt. Industrial, Mfg., Logistics, Supply Chain

• Started business in 1922. Co-founder of Allegiance staffing 2002: Sold the company to employees in 2023

• Recognized as one of "The top 100 most influential people in Staffing" by Staffing Industry Review

• Co-developed operating system that delivered a NPS of over 70 for 20 years

• Multi-term Board member of CPA and IWLA

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