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CPA, The Association for Contract Packagers and Manufacturers, is the premier resource for the co-man/co-pack industry and the CPG brands and retailers they serve. CPA supports our member companies and the wider industry by increasing the awareness, relevance and value of external packaging and manufacturing services in a rapidly evolving consumer economy.

CPA members are dedicated to helping produce products. As an external manufacturing resource, we drive the dynamic growth of the industry and serve as a solution provider to new, emerging, store and established brands. With a deep understanding of the packaging and manufacturing process, our members excel in bringing innovative products to market efficiently and effectively. By partnering with contract packagers and manufacturers, brands can tap into specialized expertise, access state-of-the-art facilities, and benefit from scalable production capabilities.

CPA members are at the forefront of driving innovation and delivering quality solutions. With their industry-specific knowledge, they help brands navigate complex regulatory requirements, optimize production processes, and ensure consistent product quality.

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