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Besides presenting up-to-the-minute and pertinent packaging subject matter that can be applied directly to your operations, webinars are conveniently presented over the Internet, so you don't have to leave your office to "attend." Seminar presenters are experts in their given field, providing information by example. Presented live, webinars also provide an interactive experience complete with a Question & Answer segment with the host presenter.

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July 2023

Growing Misconceptions about Cobots in Production

Growing Misconceptions about Cobots in Production - Join product and packaging experts, Maxx Wright and Tripp Griffen, as they dive into the growing misconceptions about cobots in production. Gain expert tips on how to manage roles between humans and robots to reach the greatest benefits in cooperative systems.

May 2023

The Future of Packaging Webinar

The association for Contact Packagers & Manufacturers presents The Future of Packaging Webinar.

March 2023

CP CM Panel Discussion: The Developing Labor & Automation Paradigm

The Contract Packaging Association hosted a webinar on developing labor and automation paradigms for contract packaging and contract manufacturing. The objective of the association is to promote the growth and welfare of its members through industry exposure and networking program.

August 2022

Hire Robot Workers for your Packaging Process with Zero Capital In

Learn from Misa Ilkhechi, Co-Founder and VP of @Formic, as he discusses “Robotics-as-a-Service,” a service model that is lowering the barriers and risk of automation. As labor force challenges increase and robotic automation becomes more critical, this new delivery model allows factories to “hire” automation and pay as if it was manual labor, but at a lower wage rate and with zero turnover.

For zero capital investment, you can automate your case packing, case forming, palletizing, or pallet mobilization process. Also, some RaaS companies contractually include unlimited service and maintenance, which eliminates surprises and unpredictable costs of capital ownership.

For those who don’t have the capital, the time, or the thick skin for production risk, this a timely webinar is for you.

January 2022

Robotics 101: How to Start Automating in the Co-Pack Space

Discuss how newest technology in robotics can be applied to co-pack and help with labor shortages. How to start thinking about incorporating automation into your co-pack operations, from a business and operations perspective.

August 2021

Is a Compostable Pouch the Right Package for You?

Todd Meussling, Senior Manager Market Development of Fresh-Lock®, discusses how packaging designed for circularity often ends up in landfills as solid waste, plus present the advancements in compostable, flexible pouches as a packaging option and sustainable solution.

April 2021

SGS Remote Auditing

Anytime, Anywhere - What You Need To Know About Remote Audits

June 2020

Driving Consumer Centric Packaging and Product Innovation Trends

In a competitive market where innovative packaging and products can differentiate brands, influence shoppers, and drive growth, understanding the trends that will most impact consumers and your market will be critical.

June 2020

Outbreak Readiness and Improving Resilience in Supply Chains

A panel discussion hosted by F4SS, in partnership with the Contract Packaging Association and Nulogy.  For more information, please view the Nulogy Outbreak Preparedness Guide.

June 2020

Contingency Plan Response - Helping Business Leaders and Organizations to Adapt and Thrive in the Face of Uncertainty

In this webinar Ryan Weiss, President of Effective Performance Strategies, and Dr. Dave NieKamp, a licensed clinical psychologist, will share their best steps to help your business acclimate and prosper in this time of crisis.

March 2020

F4SS/State of Flux/CPA: 2019 Global SRM Research Report - Harnessing & Growing Supplier Innovation

F4SS/State of Flux/CPA: 2019 Global SRM Research Report - Harnessing & Growing Supplier Innovation, presented by Molly Louthan, Managing Director, State of Flux. You may also click on this link to download the report itself: State of Flux 2019 SRM Report.

September 2019

In House Compliance Labeling 101

Learn how to design and print color labels, in-house, to save time and money, while complying with regulatory entities such as FDA or States controlling Cannabis commerce, or Chemical Manufacturing GHS compliance.

August 2019

Packaging with Cobots: A Success Story

Looking to improve your manufacturing process? Learn about how companies, small and large, can experience an increase in efficiency from the use of Cobots featuring Ben Courtright, sales development manager, Pacific Northwest of Universal Robots.

July 2019

Components of Food Safety Programs to Meet FSMA Requirements

This webinar will provide vital information regarding the components needed in your company’s food safety program to properly meet the latest FSMA guidelines. As food safety concerns grow, it is more evident that food facilities need to develop a successful Food Safety Management system that will grow with future consumer product changes.

May 2019

Cold Pressure Technology: Expanding the Future of Food

High Pressure Processing (HPP) is the leading non-thermal technology in use today to extend shelf-life in a variety of food and beverage applications. Watch this informative and topical session to learn the basics of HPP technology, areas of application, how to validate the process and how this technology can reshape food production.

September 2018

Rise of the Planet of the Cobots

In today’s manufacturing world Co-Packers are faced with the mounting challenges of providing packaging services for companies with ever changing product mixes and packaging designs. Challenged with the need to remain highly flexible in their operations while reconciling rising operating costs, Co-Packers are employing flexible automation solutions to demonstrate increases in throughput, flexibility, and quality. Collaborative robots being deployed on the manufacturing floor working closely with their human co-workers make them a key factor in the resolution of the handling challenges faced by Co-Packers.

August 2018

Answering Consumer Challenges in the Flexible Packaging and Labeling Industry

Packaging today is more than protection for your product. It's a silent salesperson communicating and (dare we say) engaging with consumers from the shelf. You may already be using flexible packaging, but is it creating the results you want? If not, it's time to think outside the box – literally. If you want to hear about the most contemporary and creative flexible packaging ideas available today, this webinar is for you.

June 2018

How to Strengthen Trust with Your CPG Customers

CPG brands face increasing pressure to improve their On Time In Full rates, as major retailers shorten delivery windows and increase penalties for late or early order shipments. To meet these demands, CPG brands need to improve agility by collaborating and strengthening trust with their outsourced contract packaging partners. But how do brands and co-packers work together and strengthen trust to meet retailer demands? During this webinar, our presenters will discuss how they’ve improved their agility and strengthened trust through tighter inventory control, increased traceability, and streamlined communication with their CPG customers. This webinar is free to both CPA members and non-members!