Effective Performance Strategies (EPS) - Packaging Prosperity Virtual Workshop

How prepared and successful is your organization at adapting and thriving through change? Is keeping up with customer demand a challenge?

More importantly, how is your team going to improve quality, productivity and skills so your organization can really thrive?

We are excited to announce Packaging Prosperity, a new interactive virtual workshop specifically designed for leadership teams interested in growing and prospering in today’s highly competitive landscape.

What you currently think stands in the way of your growth and prosperity, versus what actually does, are usually two vastly different things.

Without the proper systems in place, you’re merely masking the root causes of your capacity problems. Inevitably, you’ll be facing them again later as you continue to grow. Poor training, little emphasis on continuous improvement and lack of leadership are the true underlying root causes of reduced capacity.

In this two-hour interactive workshop, we’ll cover these topics in detail and specifically relate them to your organization’s and leadership team’s strategy and execution.

Workshop Details:

  • 100% virtual and focused solely on YOU
  • Two hours in length
  • For your organization’s leadership team (up to eight people)
  • Covers training, continuous improvement and leadership topics
  • Can be scheduled whenever works best for your leadership team
Check out this one pager for more details

The Packaging Prosperity workshop is led by Effective Performance Strategies, an organization that specializes in helping clients grow and scale their organization while delivering profitability. The EPS team has a combined 80 years of packaging experience and has worked within all phases of packaging production. You can find them on the web at


  • CPA Non-Members: $1,497
  • CPA Members: $997