Nulogy University

CPA, The Association for Contract Packagers and Manufacturers, and Nulogy are proud to partner together to grant members complimentary access to Nulogy University, an educational online training platform. Together, we are empowering contract packagers and contract manufacturers (CP/CMs) with practical and remote shop floor best practices and technology training. Nulogy University also provides visibility into employee training with user-friendly reporting capabilities.

About Nulogy

Nulogy is a global leader of agile supply chain solutions for consumer brands and their external supplier networks. Nulogy's end-to-end, cloud-based platform optimizes CP/CM operations while enhancing supply chain collaboration between consumer brands and their external supply chain partners. Through Nulogy, brands and external suppliers gain visibility and collaboration capabilities to drive out waste, reduce costs, and improve speed-to-market for more resilient and agile supply chains.


Nulogy University is an online education platform that provides users with the training and education to understand the CP/CM industries along with available software applications and shop floor best practices. After completing the training content in Nulogy University, learners become Nulogy Certified.

Nulogy University courses are based on more than 17 years of our experience working directly with contract packagers and manufacturers to improve their operational processes and businesses.

Benefits of Nulogy University Courses to Members:

  1. Efficient contract packaging, manufacturing, quality and software training for all team members and new hires at a CP/CM company, which includes assessments and certification upon completion of assessments.
  2. Reporting tools to help you track the learning progress of all team members while helping you efficiently plan and prepare training for new hires as well.
  3. Ability to upload your own organization’s training materials into the platform so you can use Nulogy University to quickly and remotely administer and track all training materials to employees. (Functionality is available upon request, please contact Sultana Naimi at to learn more).

In our inauguration of the CPA/Nulogy University partnership, we will be making the following courses available to you:

Introductory Courses (all courses include a corresponding assessment):

  • NUZ01A Introduction to Contract Packaging
  • NUZ01B Introduction to Contract Packaging Assessment
  • NUZ02A Introduction to ‘In-Distribution Centre’ Facility
  • NUZ03A Introduction to ‘Ex-Distribution Centre’ Facility
  • NUZ05A Introduction to Quality Control
  • NUZ06A Introduction to Quality Control at a Contract Packaging Facility

Best Practices Courses:

  • NUZ04A 10 Habits of Highly Successful Line Leads
  • NUZ07A 10 Habits of Highly Successful Quality Control Operators, Supervisors, and Managers