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RFQ tool “received several emails and calls within a day and a total of a dozen contacts seeking to make a bid… had almost no real experience in this area before finding your tool, so it proved to be a valuable path to submit an RFQ to engage a large number of prospective service providers". - Startup company

“have had many good responses. I've used the tool several times with success.” - Large Brand home care products

“found this tool very useful…were struggling using our network and one of those contacts referred us to your tool” - Food brand

“received no less than 5-6 responses and one company is now quoting for us and at least 2 of those are vetting our product” - CPG beverage brand

CPA, The Association for Contract Packagers and Manufacturers, is made up of members who are the nation’s leading contract packagers and contract manufacturers (CP/CMs). CPA provides top-notch business development support, industry education, networking opportunities and industry intelligence. Learn how we help our members each and every day!

Become a CPA member to gain access to industry expertise and best practices and be actively supported and promoted throughout the year.






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Membership Information:

CPA membership is company-based. This means if your company joins the CPA, all individuals within the company are automatically members and can take advantage of our many benefits!

Membership Dues are pro-rated throughout the year and are collected on an Annual basis. Renewals are collected within the 4th Quarter of every year.


CPA Regular Membership:

  • Contract Packagers
  • Contract Manufacturers
  • Those who provide 3PL services

Regular Membership Dues pricing is based on your company’s annual revenue in the Contract Packaging sector specifically:

  • Less than $10 Million Annually: $1,995.00
  • Between $10 and $50 Million Annually: $2,995.00
  • Over $50 Million Annually: $3,995.00


CPA Associate Membership:

  • Supplier Companies providing machinery, containers, components, materials, or other services to Contract Packagers and Manufacturers.

Associate Membership Dues pricing is a set amount agreed upon by the Contract Packaging Association Board of Directors.

  • $3,995.00