Beyond the Staffing Agency – You can get people!

May 18, 2021
Virtual Event
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  • Speaker: Tom Landry, president, Allegiance Staffing LLC.
  • Moderator: Ron Puvak, executive director, CPA
  • Gift Sponsor: PAC Contract Services

You can get people, you can afford it but you have to be ready for the new reality.

No breaking new news here. Employees’, associates, workers are harder than ever to find and retain. There are options to make you successful and it can work. Even in today’s environment. The bad news is that what was is not today’s reality. Let’s talk about the statistics, challenges and even the headlines and learn how you can win in this competitive work environment.

  • Causes: stagnant for decade this is catch up, show graph, government handouts, Covid effect (fear Today’s labor market: Stats, Headlines, Challenges.
  • What do I do about it? Compete!
  • Find out what you’re really paying!
    - Hidden cost that are overlooked but recoverable.
    - What is the cost of mistakes? Formula
    - How much is there?
    - Plenty to pay what you need to get what you need not what you have learned to accept.
  • Real time stories and case studies will drive home the pints made.
  • Questions
Beyond the Staffing Agency – You can get people!