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Rise of the Planet of the Cobots

Presented by Yaskawa America, Inc. and Motoman

In today’s manufacturing world Co-Packers are faced with the mounting challenges of providing packaging services for companies with ever changing product mixes and packaging designs. Challenged with the need to remain highly flexible in their operations while reconciling rising operating costs, Co-Packers are employing flexible automation solutions to demonstrate increases in throughput, flexibility, and quality. Collaborative robots being deployed on the manufacturing floor working closely with their human co-workers make them a key factor in the resolution of the handling challenges faced by Co-Packers.

May 2019 Co-sponsored by CPA and The Cold Pressure Council

Presented by Joyce Longfield, VP product innovation, Good Foods

Presented by Yaskawa America, Inc. and Motoman

Presented by The Packaging School

Presented by Carl Melville, founder and Chief Marketing Officer of The Melville Group

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