Viking Masek Announces Robb Leonhard as New President

August 27, 2021
Viking Masek Announces Robb Leonhard as New President

OOSTBURG, Wisconsin - Viking Masek Packaging Technologies, a leading manufacturer of innovative automated packaging systems, is pleased to announce that it has named Robb Leonhard as its new President. He succeeds Rick Leonhard, his brother and Viking Masek's co-founder, who passed away in July 2021.

"Viking remains strong and vibrant with extremely talented individuals that share the same drive and passion Rick had," comments Ty Weinhold, Viking Masek's COO. "We've worked extremely hard over the last few years to reshape and streamline our organization. With Robb as President, Viking will continue to thrive and successfully move the business forward."

Leonhard brings nearly 20 years of experience in the packaging industry to this role. As a former educator, he also brings a passion for teaching and empowering others to reach their potential. As a leader, Leonhard is excited to share his vast knowledge with Viking Masek's growing team and continue to seek out cutting-edge packaging technologies to help clients simplify and do business better.

"As President, Robb will bring industry knowledge and will serve as a role model to many while maintaining an aggressive approach to growing the business," comments Scott Miller, Viking Masek's VP of Business Development. "He is humbled by the opportunity to continue his brother's legacy and will bring a new perspective to many of the issues we face every day. He will always lead by example and truly wants the best for each of our customers as well as our valued employees."

As a co-founder of Viking Masek, Robb, together with his late brother Rick, worked tirelessly to build the business from just a handful of employees to the leading packaging automation firm it is today. Before assuming this role, Robb had been Executive Vice-President at Viking Masek, where he mentored the sales team and executed both short and long-term growth strategies.

"Looking back to when we started this journey 19 years ago, we were in a much different position and facing different issues, but the spirit was the same. We were a small, driven team on a mission to bring simple, automated, tote to pallet packaging solutions to customers around the world," reflects Leonhard. "Today automation has become so crucial, and our mission remains the same. Only now we have expanded to an 84+ member dedicated team in our US facility and several hundred worldwide."

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