US Senator Amy Klobuchar visits Delkor Systems

March 11, 2024
US Senator Amy Klobuchar visits Delkor Systems

Dale Andersen (left) with Sen. Amy Klobuchar (center) and Patty Andersen (right)

MINNEAPOLIS, MN: Minnesota US Senator Amy Klobuchar recently toured Delkor’s new plant in Minneapolis with owners Dale and Patty Andersen. Delkor recently completed a second plant dedicated to the manufacturing of robotic packaging systems which expanded its manufacturing campus to315,000 sq.ft. and 350 employees. According to Senator Klobuchar, “it is amazing to see the innovation that robotics has brought to the packaging industry.” 


Patty Andersen, Delkor’s VP of HR, is also Chair of PMMI, the Association of Packaging and Processing Manufacturers of North America. In Patty’s role at PMMI, she has been very active with a variety of workforce development efforts with technical colleges. Patty commented, “there is such a dynamic future for careers in robotics and automation.” 

Patty Andersen tours Delkor's new robotics plant with Senator Amy Klobuchar

During Senator Klobuchar’s visit, she had the opportunity to see a variety of packaging lines in the final stage of testing,including two lines for CPA member companies. Dan Altman, Delkor’s VP of Sales & Marketing and CPA Board Member said, “there is so much opportunity for CPA members in the area of robotics.”


About Delkor Systems Inc.: Delkor Systems is a leading U.S. manufacturer of advanced robotic packaging machinery for producers large and small across many sectors of the food and beverage industry. The company is quickly gaining recognition in the non-food and industrial industries as well and currently leads the North American Retail-Ready market. For over 50 years, Delkor has been widely recognized for continuous innovations to equipment and package designs.

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