CPA Joins Forces with ECPA to Expand Supply Chain Opportunities

June 4, 2021
CPA Joins Forces with ECPA to Expand Supply Chain Opportunities

Herndon, VA - Capitalizing on the success of CPA’s Request for Quote (RFQ) tool, global brands now have heightened access to capabilities in both North America and Europe. CPA, The Association for Contract Packaging and Manufacturing, is joining forces with the European Contract Packaging Association (ECPA) to expand the capabilities of CPA’s RFQ tool, allowing global brands one service to find contract packagers and contract manufacturers (CP/CM) partners in the location that works best for them.

“We have seen great success with the RFQ tool within the North American market,” says Ron Puvak, executive director, CPA. “In today’s global economy, we are excited to be able to expand the reach of consumer brands beyond North America.”

CPA's RFQ tool is currently used by brands to match their needs to the solutions provided by CPA members by submitting their project needs. CPA then dispatches these submissions directly to the CPA members whose services match the project needs outlined in the submission. With this partnership, ECPA’s network of members will be added to the list of CP/CMs that can receive brand project submissions that fit their capabilities. There is no charge for the use of this tool.

“We are excited about this CPA RFQ tool partnership because it allows both associations to increase our collaboration efforts to further our shared vision of improving and strengthening the overall CP/CM industry,” says Marc van den Maagdenberg, board member, ECPA. “This collaboration will bring value to brands by expanding their pool of possible CP/CMs to partner with and to CPA and ECPA members by providing heightened opportunities for business growth and furthering networking and collaboration opportunities between members and their potential clients.”

To submit an RFQ to CPA members, visit and submit the form, providing as much information as possible. To submit an RFQ to ECPA members, visit and be sure to provide as much information as possible.

To learn more about CPA, visit

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