Clearbrooke Technologies Launches New Halal Certified Cleaner for Your Home

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HC All Surface Cleaner

Freeland, Michigan-Clearbrooke Technologies has launches its first cleaning product certified Halal by IFANCA. After over twenty-five years of offering specialized cleaning solutions to large industrial manufacturers, to use in their CIP systems, HC All Surface will be the first retail product for Clearbrooke Technologies.

“We are proud to offer this one-of-a-kind certified Halal cleaning product” said Jeff Grames, President of Clearbrooke Technologies. “It works fabulously, removes grease and other hard to remove particles from around your home. HC has a fresh clean scent – occurring naturally from the ingredients used to make it, as there are no artificial fragrances or dyes added.”

In addition, HC is also available for industrial cleaning and is Halal Certified. It has been third party tested and proven to remove even the most stubborn particles like fungicide and other sticky substances. The cleaning power and rinsability of this product make it a must have for manufacturers wanting to avoid cross contamination.

CONTACT: Lesley Rozum

Director of Sales and Marketing


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Lesley Rozum
Clearbrooke Technologies