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Driving Consumer Centric Packaging and Product Innovation Trends

In a competitive market where innovative packaging and products can differentiate brands, influence shoppers, and drive growth, understanding the trends that will most impact consumers and your market will be critical. This is even more important as consumers shift behavior and expectations due to Covid-19. This webinar will highlight the big trends you can leverage to create packaging and product innovation that truly disrupts. We will also present approaches to develop this disruptive innovation, including methods that bring consumer insights/feedback into the process early and at critical junctures. Finally, we will share out implications and what this means for you and for the CMCP industry moving forward.

*Disclaimer: Unfortunately, there are sound quality issues within this webinar recording. The CPA sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience!

Presented by Yaskawa America, Inc. and Motoman

Presented by The Packaging School

Presented by Carl Melville, founder and Chief Marketing Officer of The Melville Group

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