CPA and NAM Cyber Insurance Coverage Benefit

Most companies have fire insurance and thankfully never have to use it. But are you aware of event a bigger threat – Cyber Attacks? Just look to the latest news to see the impacts and how one attack can severely impact your business as well as YOUR CUSTOMER. 86% of Cyberattacks Against Manufacturers are deliberate, targeted attacks.

As a CPA member you are eligible for a free cyber risk assessment with no obligation. Be proactive and learn where weaknesses lie in your cyber defense. Learn how to be protected from: Uninsured Cyber-attacks, the direct impact on your clients, and the liability of a compromised system.

CPA, The Association for Contract Packagers and Manufactures, is now providing members a significantly reduced rate on access to a cyber insurance program. In collaboration with the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), CPA is able to offer this exclusive cyber insurance and risk management product designed specifically for our industry segment and their needs.

Schedule your complimentary cyber risk assessment today!

Why invest in cyber insurance?

  1. Manage your risks by determining weaknesses, out-of-date software, and monitor outside threats vulnerable to hackers.
  2. Respond quickly to threats with 24/7/365 assistance.
  3. Mitigate the severity of threats with employee training and the use of entrusted ethical hackers.
  4. Recover from an attack with direct assistance from experienced professionals.


Have you considered these cyber risks?

  1. How much will it cost to recover from an uninsured cyber attack?
  2. Will your clients be directly impacted by losses?
  3. Do you know your liability if your cybersecurity is compromised?


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