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Request for Quote Tool

We recognize that identifying and selecting a strong, reputable contract packaging resource can be a daunting task. So CPA has developed a simple Request-for-Quote tool, connecting those in need of superior contract packaging services with the CPA members most qualified to respond to the request.
The process is easy. By clicking here and filling out a brief form, your project details are securely delivered to the CPA member companies that can best meet your specific needs.
By submitting a request as complete and detailed as possible it gives member companies the information they need to determine if they are suited for your needs.  They are able to respond to you, and open up the dialog to discuss your project, and their capabilities, in more detail.
Submit your RFQ today!

CPA Member Directory

The CPA Member Directory link on the left will take you straight to our online directory, allowing you to research our member companies and discover potential partners. Search by company name, location and ZIP code as well as type of project, product or service.

Find a Supplier

If you are looking for a machinery or materials supplier, the Find a Supplier link provides quick access to our Associate Members, also searchable by service, state and ZIP code.

Our ultimate goal is to connect you with the resources you need. Visit the contact us page if we can be of further assistance.