Eric F. Greenberg Articles

One of Eric’s long-time affiliations has been his service as a Contributing Editor of Packaging World, for which he writes monthly columns analyzing current legal developments affecting the packaging industries.  We are pleased to provide reprints of those columns here as an educational resource for our members.

April 2017
"California’s Proposition 65 says ‘jump’ again, companies work through how high"

March 2017
"Radical regulatory reform a reality?"

February 2017
"Here comes sugar, packagers"

January 2017
"When government screws up, sorry, you usually can’t sue them"

December 2016
"I’d rather be wrong"

November 2016
"Do as I guide, do as I regulate"

October 2016
"Proposal pounds packaging and would pulverize present program"

September 2016
"GMO tail wags dog, then dog bites tail—but what’s next?"

August 2016
"Cracks in the foundation of FDA enforcement?"

July 2016
"Thinking behind the box"

June 2016
"The future, and present, of packaging substance regulation"

May 2016
"Vermont’s tail (state GMO law) might wag the national dog"

April 2016
"You’re the new head of FDA? Um, congratulations"

March 2016
"All foodborne illness is local— or much of it anyway"

February 2016
"FDA un-regulates pizza packaging products: A good example or a bad one?"

January 2016
"SmartLabels™ link technologies, and controversies