Machinery and Supplies for Sale

Machinery and Supplies for Sale

Welcome to a new interactive web site destination - Machinery and Supplies for Sale.

Here, all current members will have ready access to the no longer needed packaging wares of other members. Listings can be posted by both CPA Members and Associate Members.

It is understood that all are in good condition and usable. These would most commonly include, but not be limited to: packaging materials, containers, machinery and components of all.

Most all transactions will be one-time clearance offerings at a "fair" price. Both Members and Associate (Supplier) Members are encouraged to participate, though Associate (Supplier) Members may not list product lines that are otherwise sold at standard, published prices. Special instances will be examined by the Board of Directors (having both member categories represented). The decision of the BOD will be final.

The intention of this new website component is to provide an additional member benefit to all member companies.

Since Machinery and Supplies for Sale is limited to CPA members, you must log in to gain access. Once you are logged in, click "Machinery and Supplies for Sale."

To add your product, click the "New Topic" button. Then add the name of either the Machinery or Supplies you are selling in the "Subject" field. Add description in the "Message" field. You may also upload a detailed Word Document, Excel Spreadsheet or a PDF file by clicking the "Browse" button.

Click here to access "Machinery and Supplies for Sale."

If you are interested in becoming a CPA member, click here or contact Mary Von Qualen at 630-544-5053, ext. 104 or e-mail